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Exit Strategy Announcement

Exit Strategy Campaign Update

Rotospace Studios Inc. has surpassed it’s one year anniversary on the 16th, and we want to share our progress in celebration of how far we have come in the past 12 months. We’re happy to announce the introduction of Exit Strategy’s Campaign update alongside providing some early screenshots. This time we are focusing on the setting and where we are headed with the game. Our primary target is to bring the game from a proof-of-concept to a more visually enjoyable experience. We’re scheduled to get the update in your library for early August, this gives us enough time to set up the initial few hours of our campaign. Over the past few months we have created the necessary tools needed to make higher quality assets with less downtime. Not only can we focus more on making the details nicer, we are also spending much less time on creating back-end stuff which slows down the progress of level and gameplay design. With that in mind we are going to introduce our new setting. Set within the rural Fleming County, you find yourself testing the local town rumors about a Poltergeist that supposedly haunts the local Mansion at the top of the largest hill. Alone or together with up to 3 friends you will have the opportunity to venture through the new campaign. 

What does this mean?

We are essentially rebuilding the game from the ground up because our original skeleton did not have sufficient optimization to facilitate multi-gamemode play. Through the rebuilding of the core backend, we made sure to incorporate detrimental features that were lacking before. Exit Strategy is changing how levels are going to be played. Instead of connecting to a host and picking a level to play, you will have the ability of inviting your friends to your current session. In order to facilitate this lobby rework, there are safe-rooms scattered around the mansion where you can expect your friends to meet you. To simplify connecting between people we are going to disable the main-menu join feature in favor of the server browser. Last but not least, we are going to transition to a third-person perspective. While we feel that first-person allows for deeper interactions, we decided to use third-person because it reduced the needle in the haystack feeling you got from being lost inside the apartment vents. Transitioning from gameplay to level design philosophy, there is more of a focus being placed on creating beautiful set-pieces and crafty paths. Please see the screenshots for more details regarding our target art-style.

Thank you!

Lastly, as a new developer creating our first game we want to thank everyone who has helped so far by supporting us in any way, from bug reporting to just being on the Discord and so many other places. We are very grateful with how much passion has been shown by the community! The next update will provide a stark contrast to what you know of our work and we hope to impress you with our current progress after two and a half months.

You can join our Discord here (click). This is where you will find the most up-to-date information about the game.

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