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Exit Strategy (Out Now!)


You and your skeleton crew have been eternally cursed to solve puzzles and go on dangerous adventures, will you accept this challenge? Choose your adventure and progress through intense gameplay! Along the way you will experience PVP and PVE scenarios that will surely test your abilities and problem solving skills. A rewarding experience for any who may dare to try!

Play together & Beat the Timer!

Explore various scenarios together with friends or alone. With over 40 special puzzles to beat in each level it’s always good to bring a partner for the escape!


1. Lift the curse: Find out the reason why you are eternally bound to live through puzzle after puzzle
2. Beat the scenario in time by finding clues and solving various puzzles throughout the level
3. Earn Achievements for beating special tasks in the scenarios
4. Play with dozens of physical objects and over 40 interactable items around the levels to find out how to Escape
5. Outsmart your foes, whether deadly ghost or friend you must find your Exit, and fast
6. Make the most out of your game and beat the rest by earning the most score


A Development plan has been laid out to cover a year of monthly updates up to the release version! You can check out what is planned and being worked on in our project development board. You can join our Discord here (click). This is where you will find the most up-to-date information about the game.

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